hledam zamestnance 1Main impuls for setting a personnel agency was the ever growing demand for work force in the Czech Republic from Slovakia, Bulgaria and other EU/EES countries. Therefore we concentrate on searching and selection/recruitment of work force and personnel leasing.
We try to understand your objectives and in the same time we are up to speed with the latest development on the labour market. By providing personnel services we merge the interests of candidate with those of employers. Employers are provided with full service and care during the inception and tenure of the work contract. Employers can rely on our partnership when looking for HR strategies.

Way of recruitment:

  • Own recruitment centers
  • External providers
  • Mobility


  • Recruitment
  • Personnel leasing

EUworker - Recruit

Searching and selecting the right employees

Our strategy for candidate search and selection is based mainly on detailed knowledge of clients‘ needs and expectations.

Candiate search – we use own database, our website, job portals, social networks

Employee selection – we go through pre-screening, testing, interview, reference check, evaluation and candidate advisory

We keep our candidates informed during the whole recruitment process. We partner with them and provide consultancy.

EU worker – personnel leasing

Flexibal form of employment – we save your time and recruitment cost you would normally spend on search and selection of labour force.

Main advantage is that the employment contracts is between the employee and the personnel agency which also deals with the salary and personnel matters.

Flexibility – ability for the employer to have ideal number of qualified people for delivering a given volume of work. You will appreciate this service especially during peaks when in need of headcount increase – you can avoid the administration with recruiting and later with dismissing.

We also offer an option to „try“ the expertise of the employees – in case of an interest to hire them as permanent employee after the end of leasing.

Personnel leasing works for employees as well. They can gain a diverse experience, enhance education and EU worker will provide them with all support needed.

EU worker complies with the current legislation. All employees have valid contracts and have comparable remuneration with clients‘ permanent employees.

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